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How does CoinPot work?

       CoinPot is a brand new cryptocurrency microwallet, designed to collect and combine faucet payouts and earnings from a number of different faucets/sources – such as Bit Fun. CoinPot supports multiple currencies: bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin initially. Withdrawal options include XAPO, Faucet Hub, Faucet System and direct to your wallet via the blockchain. (NOTE: Each of these options has different withdrawal thresholds and some may incur a withdrawal fee)

What happened to my previous earnings?

    Don’t worry, your account balance and all your previous transactions have been transfered over to CoinPot automatically. You simply need to manage these earning via CoinPot from now on.

From now, Bit Fun will show your total CoinPot bitcoin balance – including Bit Fun earnings combined with those from other sources.

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